Thing 1 & Thing 2…The History of the Plaza Pupa

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been scratching around the streambed, turning over rocks & studying the little bugs clambering around on their undersides. What first prompted me to go in search and identify the bugs found in the underwater nooks & crannies of the stream bottom; I can’t recall. I probably read about this, while I read my way through the extensive library at the Transvaal Fly Tiers Guild , which resulted in my fortunate appointment as the librarian. Over the years this little habit helped me form a pretty good understanding of the bugs that fish call food. At some stage, I also armed myself with a stomach pump. I liked the idea of  proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the same bugs found on the rocks of the streambed were also found in the stomachs of the fish and therefore are most definitely fish food. You just can’t believe everything you read these days!


Anyway, these two activities combined eventually managed to place a few pieces of the puzzle regarding the relation between the activities of certain aquatic insects and the feeding behavior of fish in the same stream.

Fancy words for basically confessing that I became a hatch junkie.

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