Most Popular Flies In South Africa

A small collection of the most popular flies used in South Africa, no angler should be without these in their fly box.

  • Muddler Minnow

    Muddler Minnow

    Origin The Muddler Minnow was originated by Don Gapen of Anoka, Minnesota in 1936, to imitate the slimy sculpin and fool large brook trout in the Nipigon River. Gapen tied the fly by lantern light in his camp, using materials available in his portable kit, after watching First Nations guides capture sculpins and explain to him their…

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  • Zonker


    What is a zonker fly? A zonker is a fly made from a strip of fur. The strips are known as zonker strips and they have the hide attached. Once waterlogged, this softens and create a fly with bulk that pulsates when retrieved. It’s great for larger flies, such as streamers and…

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  • Booby


    What fly angler doesn’t love boobies?  What is a booby? The booby is a trout fly which has two very large round eyes made from buoyant foam. They’re large and round, so I guess you can use your imagination to figure out how they got their name. The first rule…

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  • Yarn Egg

    Yarn Egg

    An imitation fly, shocker it imitates a fish egg!

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  • GRHE Fly

    GRHE Fly

    Gold Bead GRHE Original The origins of this nymph are way back into the 1800’s and it is a killer whenever olives hatch. GRHE like Gold Bead GRHE Original #14 is perhaps the most recognized, fished, and proven nymph ever tied. The Gold Bead GRHE Original #14 will attract fish…

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  • Klinkhamer


    A wonderfully designed fly, originated by Hans van Klinken. Klinkhammer Flies are a special type of parachute fly whereby the thorax of the fly is designed to dip through the surface of the water, imitating an emerger. Get Stunning Klinks here – The Dutch angler Hans Van Klinken originally tied this…

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  • CDC Emerger

    CDC Emerger

    Perfect for fishing when Dun flies and emergers are on the water efficient late in the day or when is cloudy outside. Its is a Summer/Autumn fly tied on size #16 is great for catching grayling all day perfect for fishing in slow and very slow running rivers

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  • Foam Beetle

    Foam Beetle

    The Foam Beetle is a pattern tied mostly from artificial materials made to represent a – well small beetle. The variety in different colours that you can get the beetle in does not really matter as the fish only see a silhouette from the bottom. This fly is fished on…

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  • DDD


    Originally tied by Tom Sutcliffe using deer hair with the intent of imitating a beetle, the DDD was eventually tied using nothing but Klipspringer for the tail, body and collar. This came about through a couple of Tom’s friends playing around with the pattern, namly Hugh Huntley and Bill Duckworth;…

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  • Dave’s Hopper

    Dave’s Hopper

    This Dave’s Hopper pattern is a mid summer to late summer pattern. The Dave’s Hopper pattern is credited to Dave Whitlock who combined elements of the Muddler Minnow and Joe’s Hopper patterns to make his new creation. This fly is designed to ride low in the film and you will…

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  • RAB


    Apart from the DDD, the RAB is South Africa’s most loved dry fly. It was invented by Tony Biggs around the 70’s or 80’s and has taken countless fish on the Cape Streams over the years. Now, the concept of the fly is by no means new as people have…

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  • Wooly Bugger – Olive

    Wooly Bugger – Olive

    A standard Olive Wooly Bugger here that needs no introduction. The most popular, the most successful, the most often tied, the “mostest” of all flies….the Wooly Bugger All trout, bass, panfish, and steelhead anglers need this fly in their box. Also a no brainer for anglers getting started, you can’t fish…

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  • Humpy


    he Humpy also comes in other colours like red, orange, black, yellow, lime and chartreuse. It is easy to see, rarely sinks, and trout just can’t seem to get enough of the yellow. The Humpy is one of our favourites for fishing fast flowing rivers due to it’s floating capabilities.…

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  • Royal Wulff

    Royal Wulff

    Probably Lee Wulff’s most important contribution to the sport….and there were many. Calf tail split wings and deer hair tail make this attractor one best floating and easiest to see that there is. A great searching pattern to throw anytime in fast water, also a great pattern for fishing with…

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  • Elk Hair Caddis

    Elk Hair Caddis

    Olive The Elk Hair Caddis is one of the top producing flies there is. They work great when caddis are laying eggs…but really shine as an attractor/searching fly especially during the Summer months when the mayflies have slowed. The Elk Hair Caddis is truly one of the best and most…

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  • Adams


    The Adams was developed by Leonard Halladay from Mayfield, Michigan in 1922. We was encouraged to do so by his friend Charles Adams….thus the name. It has since become one of the most famous, if not THE most famous dry fly of all-time. The Adams is one of the most…

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Flies to add: Dragon and Damselfly nymphs, Midge Pupa

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