The Snowbee Classic Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Combo is a balanced outfit which will give you many hours of fishing and casting enjoyment
The kit comes with lightweight graphite fly rod & reel as well as two reel spools, pre-spooled with backing, line and leaders

This will allow you to easily and quickly adjust your tactics on the day depending on whether the fish are feeding on the surface or deeper underneath the surface of the water.

– 4 Piece High Modulus, Lightweight Graphite Classic Fly Rod with an Easy Action for Effortless Casting

– High-Lift Snake Guides
– A-Grade Cork Handle
– Lightweight Graphite Reel Seat
– Lightweight Graphite Fly Reel with Off-Set Drag
– 2x Spools Pre-Loaded with Backing, Fly-Line and Leaders (Floating Line & Sinking Line)
– Quality Snowbee Classic Floating Fly Line in Weight-Forward Profile
– Quality Snowbee Classic Sinking Line
– Quality Cloth Rod Bag
– Quality Rod Tube too

Rod weight is: #
Rod length is:9’0″
4pc Rod

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