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Xplorer Fly Fishing was established in 1996 and has developed into a leading South African fly tackle brand. All of our tackle has been developed, designed and tested by our experienced team of fly anglers to ensure it’s built to meet function in our harsh conditions. Xplorer Fly Fishing offers the most comprehensive range of fly tackle in our market, from rods, reels, terminal tackle, Float Crafts, wading gear and more.

They have two ranges each with their own weight the Pro Cast II and the

XPLORER – Pro Cast II – Fly Fishing Combo

The combo includes: Rod, Reel with floating line, backing and tapered leader, Waterproof Fly Box with 6 Assorted Flies. Packed in a Cordura rod tube with built in reel pouch. The #5/6 does come in two options one with just one reel with floating line and another with two reels one with floating line and the other with a sinking line.

The rod is a #8/9 – Ideal starter kit for salt water and largemouth yelowfish fishing

The rod is a #5/6 – Ideal starter kit for still-water fishing, trout and bass. Also good for smallmouth yellowfish

The rod is a #2/3 – Ideal starter kit for stream fishing

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Voyager 9’0-4pc 5/6wt Rod x2 w/Edge/ 5/6wt Reels 1x Floating 1x Sinking
Bass/Tigers/Light Salt
Voyager II 9’0-4pc 8/9wt Rod w/Flex 7/9wt Float Reel

The Xplorer Voyager Box Combo Outfit is suitable for all ages and experience levels!
Xplorer Voyager Rod & an Xplorer Edge or Flex Fly Reel, in sizes of your choice, pre-spooled with backing, a matching weight forward float line and tapered leader, and comes with a straight cordura rod tube.
An additional pre-spooled Intermediate Sink or Full Sinking Edge or Flex is also available!

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